About Sananga

Sananga aye drops making process

Sananga is the juice extracted from the roots of a Amazonic plant, whose indigenous name is Mata Heins, a name that comes from the Huni Kuin dialect, spoken by the Kaxinawas. It is a bush tree from the amazon region, utilized by the Kaxinawa Indians and other tribes.

From inside its roots, a juice in decoction is extracted, which is utilized to cure the Panemas*, spiritual diseases, according to the tribes.

Its active principle is Ibogaine, a powerful substance which if ingested will take the tribes person to a state of deep trance to get in touch with spirit world.

In traditional medicine however, Sananga is utilized as an healing eye drop.


The warrior Indians, before going hunting, will take a drop in each eye, making their perception sharpened, so they can perceive subtle movements in the dense forest.

What happens is that Sananga works in two main energetic healing ways: Physical and Spiritual.

It is believed that the “Spirit of Sananga”, that is, the energy, the intelligence, that analog to the active principle of this powerful plant, acts directly in the original cause of the disease, in the so-called psychosomatic processes.

The psychosomatic illnesses are of psychic origins, but as they are potentialized they are manifested in the soma, or the physical body.









The eyes are the windows of the soul, where all that we see, and all that we project is stored there, including our Kharmic History.

Then the Spirit of Sananga makes a kind of verification of the energetic patterns that are out of balance, and it goes on diluting these forces that constitute the Panemas.

The result of this application is a balancing of the soul in synchrony with this spiritual force of nature, an expansion of the force of the spiritual vision, or of the AJNA CHAKRA, the third vision, the inner vision, and also an improvement in the ocular physiology.

Sananga is indicated in cases of diseases such as: Glaucoma, cataract, near and farsightedness, dystrophies, color alterations, among others.

There are cases of people who are healed of nearsightedness with one application, and there have been improvements of the perception of colors immediately.

Sananga has been explored by many but it is really important to always remember its correct form of utilization is inside of a work for spiritual evolution, because used outside of it, it can cause problems to the life of a person.

The way to apply it is the following: One to 3 drops in each eye.

The person will feel a strong vibration, where several degrees of burning may occur according to the spiritual state of a person. With time, the person will align him/herself to the spirit of Sananga and will feel less burning, when his or her vision will already have had an immense gain.

After the burning, which lasts about 3 minutes, colors will become sharper and there are visible improvements to the standards of vision.

Many treatments are miraculous, immediate, while some others occur long term, but not less miraculous.

It’s a different experience, unique, of transformation, spiritually and in the vision of a person. In a broader sense of the word.

Does Sananga Correct Eye Sight Problems?

Sananga doesn’t physically correct eye problems, but repairs such infirmities energetically, as we understand that all disease is psychosomatic, being born first in the feelings and emotions of the person and then it starts to influence the energetic layer of the organ in question and manifesting itself in the material body.

Thus, when applied, Sananga dilutes the thought forms and negative, disharmonious energies that envelop the energetic body of the eye, thus opening the energetic channels of the human being for the Inner vision, the outer vision and the Higher Vision. From the region of the head descends then a subtle energy which is favorable to maintain the Chakras open, expanding the aura and maintaining the person aligned and centered emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

For the ancestral shamans, panema is a conglomerate of lower energies

that stay present in the energetic body of the person, accumulated through a sedentary, negative life full of bad habits and thoughts that are harmful for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of a person, that weigh heavily in the energetic body of the individual, making him or her sad, depressed, stressed physically and mentally, making it impossible that the person finds success in relationships, work and life goals. Through the Sananga this energetic charge is automatically eliminated, it’s as if the person went through an energetic shock, in a subtle way, making the person feel capable, happy, invigorated after the application.

It is recommended for people of all ages and gender. The sooner a person receives the Sananga, less problems of the ocular and vision type he or she will have.