The snuff Yawanawá - Female Force is prepared with Tsunu ash and handmade string mapacho. This snuff brings the feminine power of the new Yawanawá generation, since it is made by Nawashahu, a young woman who was introduced very early in the spiritual tradition of her people. Nawashahu is the daughter of Chief Nixiwaká and Putany, the first Shaman woman of the Yawanawá people.

It is in this sense that the snuff becomes even more special, since it is a medicine that represents a female conquest of Yawanawá women within their spirituality.


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Yawanawa – Força Feminina

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  • Rape snuff - stronger type. Helps clear unwanted energies, ground and get into the body. Wonderful tool to enter inner silence and for dreaming work. Supports other shamanic practices and rituals.