A beautiful green colour Rapé and 100% mapacho free! Instead it has various healing plants from the forest. It brings a silent feminine energy which is beautiful to meditate with. It helps to open the senses, gives clarity and can intensify your dreams. Beautiful to tune in with the more subtle energies of the forest and it's healing plant spirits.

This Rapé is made by the Apurina tribe that lives in the Southern part of the Amazons. They want to keep the recipe secret. They say that they harvest the plants at a sacred place in the forest that was left to them by their ancestors for them to take care of. They mainly use the Rapé medicine in their tribe to meditate with, but also for hunting and to open their senses. 

A truly wonderful medicine.


  • Dispersed in locations near the banks of the Purus, the Apurinã share a rich and complex cosmological ritual. They became known for their Sacred Medicine, the green snuff made from Awiry leaves. The Apurinã language belongs to the Aruak family, from the Purus branch. The closest language would be that of the Manchineri.