Kambo Frog Supporting Huni Kuin Project

We decided to start supporting indigenous comunities of Brazilian Amazon who so generously sharing their spiritual wisdom and sacred medicines with the rest of the world. And we starting with Huni Kuin People who are currently fundraising to raise funds for a Recording Music House at their village. This project is to help preserve and share more of Huni Kuin culture and spirituality through music. It will also give opportunities to the young generation of artists to grow, develop and share their talent.

You can learn more about it following the link below and make a donation if you will.

Music House? Yes, a music house at a Huni Kuin indigenous land, in the middle of the Amazon. A project envisioned by the spiritual leader Ninawá Pai da Mata (Father of the Forest) to support the young generation at the Novo Futuro Village, also supporting the other 5 villages from the Humaitá land, about 300 people.

The music (specially their guitars) are the "television" of the Huni Kuin, understanding the interest and ease the young generation has with the music (one of the main culture spread tools they have) Ninawa wants to endorse the young generation to keep singing and sharing their culture my recording their own albums and films as well.

The crowdfunding is to build the 50% missing of the music house, but sound/film equipment and have professionals to instal/teach them (online or in person, depending on the covid vaccine and new protocols to enter indigenous land). We will also film all the process and make a short film of the music of the young generation.

Thank you for your support!

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