This is a stronger kind of rapé snuff with some Yopo made by Brasilian artisans - tree ashes, string Mapacho and some ground Yopo seeds. A beautiful mix. Very good companion when working with other sacred medicines. It can help enhance visions as it activates the pineal gland. When used on its own work of this medicine is subtle, one has to be still to feel that. It's like plant dieta. Great for dreaming work.

This is not a pure Yopo Rapé Cohoba. But here is some info on one of the ingredients: Yopo is a genus of trees, of which some variable concentrations and proportions of DieMTi, bufotenine and 5-MEO-DieMTi are produced in their seeds. The use of Yopo goes back thousands of years. There are more than 55 South American tribes with the use of Yopo known. Yopo Snuff (Cohoba) is usually blown by another person into the nostrils of the user by means of a tube. Because of the blowing, larger amounts of Yopo can be introduced into the nostrils.

Yopo Shamans describe this experience as an opening of the 3rd eye can observe in light of the non-physical spiritual dimensions. Central to the Sikuani Yopo tradition is the use of prayers to invoke healing energies. They believe that their word and the tonal vibration of their prayer is the actual force of creation. For every imbalance and illness that is made or is there is a corresponding prayer to heal this disease/Onblans.


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Yopo Clasic

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