This kuripe was designed and made by Baloo Kambo Frog. Made of bamboo and  blue light plastic putty. Disigned so that none of the hapeh is left after application. Saves the medicine and less cleaning!

We been struggling with many applicators from the Forest people as they often had same problem - some hapeh always remained inside the kuripe. Now none!

Small in size: 8.5cm in length and 1cm in diameter.


Kuripe Self-applicator

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  • The kuripe is a V-shaped tool used for self-applying, which provides a connection between one's mouth and nose. It is an instrument used to apply the Sacred Medicine known as Snuff. Made from Ash and various Amazonian medicinal plants, mapacho, trees, leaves, seeds and other ingredients. There are different types of snuff, being made by various indigenous tribes, such as: Apurinã, Yawanawa, Kuntanawa, Huni Kuin, Nukini, among other caboclo ethnic groups. This medicine is used for various purposes, including medicinal and ceremonial.