It is not recommended to give kambo to anyone with serious heart problems or anyone who is recovering from surgery. The reason for this is that the heart rate will increase for about 5 minutes and the heart must be healthy to accommodate this. Kambo is not recommended for pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding,  people with Addison’s disease, anyone on chemotherapy, or with low blood pressure treated with medication, or the severely ill. Also, Kambo treatment is not recommended for people with current and severe Epilepsy, who've had a brain hemorrhage, who have an aneurysm or blood clots, who take immune-suppressants for the organ transplant. 

It is not recommended to give kambo to anyone under 18 years.


If you planning to have kambo session be sure you are not on water fasting and will didn't have colonic hydrotherapy, enemas, liver flushes or any water-based detox at least 3 days before kambo.